Follow Your Gut


Some days, you have to follow your gut.

Correction, you should always follow your gut.

Friday was my 3rd 5k training day…it is also a work day so I woke up at 4:00 am.


4:00 wake up and yawn, a lot.

4:10 – 4:35 run/walk

4:35 leg work

rest of the morning before 5:30 – shower, shine, shake it

5:30 – 5:45 – get kids ready and leave

6:30a – 6:30p – work my face off.


I was up on time but since it was earlier than my 5:30 (off day) usual, it was super dark out. So dark, I was just too nervous to go out in the neighborhood. Where I live is very safe… we have many other police officers that live in the area but I just don’t care to go outside when it is pitch black outside.

Instead of skipping my workout altogether, I went out on the back porch and did some ellipticalling (word? yep) For some reason, I was just not feeling it today. I pumped out about 11 minutes, stretched out…tried to do lunges in my backyard (I have a backyard light so it was lit up) but as I lunged under the big tree, I heard a hungry ninja moving about above me…

*Enter screeching like a little girl,

jumping in the air like I just saw a snake,

and running back into the house,

locking the door behind me.*


Yeah I’m a bit of a scaredy cat.

I did a couple planks, some jumping jacks and back porch lunges.

I felt a little down for not pumping out a full-on workout but instead of getting bummed, I set up a hot date with the Officer at the local high school track for some cardio (maybe some more lunging and toss in some squats (my fave!)

I dropped the kiddos off at their weekend sitter and we set out to the track… we speed walked about 1 1/2 miles. I did 2 sets of bleacher hikes (3 steps at a time) but my legs and tush were killing me from the AM lunges  Smile in a good way of course!

Going back to Thursday…

~My Yoga Day~

Oh how I love this day Smile

I woke up early to get my Ohmmmm on and found a 10 minute Yoga Refresh video on my OnDemand channel… I loved it.

Then I did a 10 minute Abs & Back video…loved it.

And I did the yoga video again since I was finally all warmed up and ready to get a deeeeep stretch (uh, is there anything better than a nice, deep stretch??)


Later on after I got to work, I found out some interesting news that at first, totally upset, pissed off and thought the world was ending. I took a step back and realized that this change will actually benefit me instantly so I dried my tears and put a smile on my face.


((Two things to learn from people:

*how to do things

*and how not to do things. ))


(What? No pictures… Sad smile sorry…picture free weekend!)

<3 Morgan

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