Changes that lie ahead…

Last week, I think I posted a little something-something about work that at first, upset me. Then once I thought it over and gave the “change” a chance, I realized that if I ended up getting the “best” option, it would probably work out better than my current situation.

Now the change took place and I got my best option.

I am now officially on the ‘Afternoon’ shift. Now I have started my work day at 6:30 am since 2006…I had a big problem not prepping myself in order to walk up in time for a while. I was late, a lot. Between getting 2 babies in order and the 30 minute drive, I never practiced great time management. Since February, I have not been late *knock on wood* My #1 help has been getting out of bed as SOON as my alarm goes off…NO snoozing!!

Plus, if I keep hitting snooze, I know it drives the Officer crazy (even though he never complained) I know it cannot be fun hearing an alarm go off every few minutes when it is not yours.

On top of that, I have my morning timed out pretty well. I can do whatever I want up until 5:25am… then I have to get the kids awake, shoes on, lunch boxes ready..and out the door.

Now, I don’t have to worry about waking up bright and early. Ironically enough, I just started my early AM 5k training last week so I have naturally become a morning person. There is just something fabulous about getting a ton of stuff done before 8am!

The work change will allow me to take as many AM classes once school is back on (August 22nd baby!!!) which I already have scheduled. Unfortunately, only one of my pre-requisites for Nursing School is offered in the AM. I have A LOT of science –based courses left to take so I am going to bust those out starting next Spring & probably Summer semester as well.

The best benefit from switching shifts is the fact that once the kids start Kindergarten, I will be able to take them to school each morning!! That also means that they won’t have to wake up at 5:30am and get dropped off at daycare before a long day at school. Smile

The only downside right now is that the shift is only has 40 hours one week and 36 hours the next (dropped down from 48 / 36) so I will definitely be changing some things around and working on a budget.

Instead of worrying about it, I am just going to roll with the changes and pray for the best.

Getting my nursing degree is the MOST important long-term goal right now so even if I need to sacrifice some things present day, it will all be worth it in the long run!!!

Plus, there are just a few perks that keep me going when things get tough….





*Pictures from my vision board*

Yeah, I like pink Winking smile 


<3 Morgan


COMING UP: 5k Training Update & My bitch about Teen Mom!!

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