Teen Mom, Man Nips and Blog Crack

I have always been a reality television sucker. I am not a Bachelor/Bachelorette/Survivor/Idol girl…

I am a Real Housewives, Kardashian, Teen Mom girl.

Or so I thought I was.


For Teen Mom, which was to my understanding supposed to show how hard being a mother at a young age is, has completely gone to sh*t! It was bad enough that throughout the ENTIRE two previous seasons all they really focus on are the girl’s relationships, but now the first episode of Season 3 include one of them getting a boob job!


First of all, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DOCUMENT HOW HARD TEENAGE MOTHERHOOD IS WHEN YOU PAY THESE GIRLS! How “average” is it to receive a paycheck from MTV when you get pregnant at 16???

These girls aren’t the “norm”… MTV should have pulled the plug on these shows when these girls started to get arrested and all of them have been in tabloid magazines. How freaking ‘normal’ is that when you get pregnant at a young age?

Now you have one with fake boobs, another attempting suicide and one who gives her child up for adoption and then STILL ENGAGES IN UNPROTECTED SEX!!! (Catelynn, Season 1)

I admit that never, ever have I believed these shows would convince any teenager having sex was a bad idea. I just liked watching it because their stupid, high school drama was funny.

Now it is just downright pathetic. MTV saw their $$$ opportunity and RAN LIKE THE WIND with it.

Needless to say, Teen Mom is banned from Hot Mama’s House. Same with 16 & Pregnant.

What a joke!!

Speaking of taking things too far…


This show (including all of the offspring from this show) have caught on that $$$ train.

I am not sure any of them are actually good at anything besides throwing themselves in the limelight. I also don’t like when someone with NO SINGING TALENT *Ahem Kim K.* gets the opportunity to record a song that is so auto-tuned, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was her just from listening but there are sooo many great, amazing singers out their praying their days away that somehow, someway they get noticed one day.

Find out what you are good at and STICK TO IT.

Don’t suck at everything you do…and please don’t claim to not be a media whore when…

clearly that is just what you are.

I also wanted to fall over and die during the episode of Khloe & Lamar when he picked up a (fake) used feminine product out of the toilet.

I mean, REALLY???


Don’t get me wrong. I understand if I disagree with anything (like a TV show) I don’t have to watch it. I can just turn it off and do something else. However, these shows were okay when they weren’t so obnoxious.

I guess that just means I am making room for NEW shows to love!!!

Like Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition!

OMG I love it. Granted, I have only watched one episode but I really, really like it.

*Secret: someone MAY have almost teared up during the beginning*

The idea is great, there is NO dramatic surgery (that I know of yet) and the trainer is one FINE PIECE OF …….WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Keep it somewhat PG-13 Morgan!!



HEL-LOOO CHRIS POWELL!! Winking smile 

(Side note: There is a picture of him shirtless if you google his images (that’s what she said)

I could have put that on here.

But Operation Hot Mama is going to remain ‘Man-Nipple Free!’

Yeah, I just said man-nipple.



So last weekend gave me the chance to find some new blogs that made me swoon with excitement. There are some truly AMAZING ladies out there with some wonderful blogs that just get me hooked!! You ladies are kind of like Blog-Crack. Winking smile 

I love when a guest post, turns into a new favorite, which turns into a new favorite and so on and so on….

That was the case this weekend.

It all started at I’m An Okie

when Alyssa from Life of blyss wrote a guest post.

I read it, loved it and quickly found my way to her blog…

read and loved.

Then I found her guest post on Holly’s blog, Greek Yogurt & Apple Slices

I read it, loved it and found myself searching that blog as well.


The passion and creativity all of these blogs have is unbelievable!!

I am to the point were 99% of my ‘favorites’ are blogs…

blogs, blogs and more blogs…

and then Facebook.

and the school’s website.


Hi, My name is Hot Mama and I’m addicted to Blog-Crack.

<3 Morgan

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  1. Blog reading is like crack!!!! As I sit here reading blogs when I should be working. LOL

  2. whoohooo! Glad you found some favorites bc of the guest posts!

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