$1 can make me Holla!!

Hey there!

I have been plotting my way into getting some new workout clothes. There is nothing like some new cute halters and fitted capris to make my heart go pitter-patter.

I talked about my new schedule and the pay cut following the 8 lost hours.

I am in the process of figuring out a new budget to keep this house running. I have never been a ‘saver’ but how many of us SO NEED TO CHANGE THAT??!! Nothing good ever comes from spend, spend, spend. Right now, (meaning this very morning) things have to change. I always love hearing people’s tips on saving money and building a nest egg and changing their lifestyle when going through a life changing event, just like Lisa from I’m an Okie changing her spending habits while going to Nursing School.

Reading her post sort of set off a spark in my mind. While I am hoping for as much financial aid as possible, my work schedule will definitely change when I myself start Nursing School. By financial aid, I mean potential grants and scholarships…not loans. If I MUST get a school loan, then so be it…but if I can avoid additional debt, I will.

However, I would love to use some new workout gear… not just to rock it during training or on my elliptical, but to use it as an incentive to keep kicking ass with my workouts. I thought about getting a new outfit after a month of keeping up with the Couch to 5k but I decided that plan wasn’t really ‘me’. On top of that, I have always wanted to make a cute ‘savings’ jar…covered with glitter and cute decorations.


***Sounds like craft time is needed!!!***

For every mile I put in, running-walking-ellipticalling-skipping, I will put $1 in the jar…If I cover 2 miles today on the elliptical, I will put $2 in the jar. Once I save up enough for a new piece of workout clothes or new running shoes or earphones for my MP3 player, I will treat myself.

I don’t have the infamous Garmin that a lot of runners in the blog world have so I have been tracking my mileage for 5k training using the MapMyRun website. It takes some getting used to (to learn how to track your paths) but I love it and best of all, IT IS FREE!! Smile

So far, I have logged 7.61 miles…I didn’t start using MapMyRun until a few days after I started the 5k training and by then, I had forgotten the paths I ran so I am NOT adding in extra miles. I also haven’t counted the elliptical miles as of yet so I guess I can start that today!

It is my Official $1 Makes Me Holla Plan!!!

Now I just need to make a cute, pink, glittery jar Winking smile


<3 Morgan

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  1. That’s a great idea! I think rewarding yourself with non-food items is a fantastic system that can really get you motivated.

  2. I LOVE this plan!!! Last year I started my whole “debt free” craze in hopes of not being so broke all the time. My dad gave me the book “Total Money Make-Over” by Dave Ramsey. He is pretty much phenominal. This guy has helped me figure out a way to totally eliminate my debt and the only thing left is paying off my car… how cool?! It has helped me to figure out what I HAVE TO HAVE and what I need… which was a hard lesson to learn :( I’d definitely recommend the book! Good for you on saving up money… it’s hard to do but definitely an awesome feeling :D

  3. What a creative and FUN idea! I love it!

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