I am on the end slope of a seven day stay-cation. I was sure my week off was going to be full of 5k advancement, yoga and fresh, clean eats.

Yeah, not so much. Sad smile 

I didn’t run a single day since Monday. I never did any additional workouts, yoga, elliptical.

…and my eating has been catastrophic.

Even my water intake has suffered.


As mad at myself as I can be, sulking won’t help me. Feeling bad about myself won’t get my body fit and healthy.

I fell back into the routine of “Oh I’ll start tomorrow…oh tomorrow is my restart”

Instead, I am going to try something new.

I am just going to start kicking a$$ today.

Starting with the onehundred push ups challenge.




Upper body strength is something women usually struggle with and I am no exception. I just dream of rocking some killer arms and shoulders. I also dream of rocking a pull up too (something I have never done)

The challenge starts with an initial test which will determine what level you are at to begin…then provides a 3-day a week training routine that lasts for 6 weeks. According to the 100 push up challenge, if you stick to the plan, you should be able to rock out 100 pushups in a row.

Now wouldn’t that make me a bad ass??!!

Haha… or at least stronger and definitely be an awesome goal to accomplish!

And while I am in Rome, I also thought an Ab challenge would be fun.




The twohundred sit up challenge is the same concept as the push up challenge but with sit ups…or crunches actually.


I am going to complete the “Initial Test” for both challenges tonight and start on the “Day 1” tomorrow after my early ass run.

Today, we got outside and headed to the park in the worst heat ever. I packed up the water pitcher with icy cold H2O and some snacks, got the soccer balls & frisbees and hit the road (for the 30 second drive to the park)

We did about a 25 minute romp in the kite field until we called it “too hot to handle anymore” It seems like no matter how hydrated I try to stay, I always end up with a heat hangover headache. Sad smile 

Well I have a challenge to start!

<3 Morgan

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  1. I always fall into that routine of I’ll run tomorrow:) hope you get back on track

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