Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend! (In a good way, of course)

I tried out some newly found recipes on the family.


Cookie Dough Dip compliments to How Sweet It Is

Silly Morgan forgot the chocolate chips so I threw in some Reese’s Pieces I bought for another recipe later on this week. This recipe is HEAVENLY and OUTRAGEOUSLY FABULOUS!!

I tried out another recipe from How Sweet It is…Baked Potato Nachos.

They were gone so fast I could even think about pulling out my camera!!!

This lady had it going on!! Simple, easy, wonderful recipes!!!


I also tried some Vanilla Vegan Cupcakes from


Now I have made these particular cupcakes before for work and my family.

They loved them.

This weekend I used the same recipe but “eye-balled” the ingredients like some of my icons do.


Epic Cupcake Fail Sad smile 

They didn’t rise, they didn’t even really cook on the inside so I cooked them another 15 minutes.


I turned my frown upside down though. I lived & learned.

I can confidently say-


What else did I learn (or re-validate) this weekend?



This WAS fresh cilantro…


This WAS fresh dill.

Ahhhh… THIS is why people don’t ask me to house-sit.

Ahhhhh…THIS is why the Officer doesn’t trust me around his plants.


I know what I am good at though…



This is from the local park right by my house. I don’t go there nearly enough!

As soon as this weather makes an official decision on what it wants to do, I promise myself I will get outside and explore this beautiful area every day possible!


What scares me about walking?

Creeper Sidewalks


Who knows what is really in there??!! Ick!

Yes, I’m the mom screaming “NO NO DON’T STEP ON THAT!!!!” at my children Winking smile 


What else scares me?

Confirmation of my children being “un-babied”


Oh Heck No Sad smile 

I am not 100 % confident they will be attending Kindergarten this fall.

I have heard A LOT of other parents either held or wish they had held their kids back another year for their Kindergarteners. Even my professors at school have said Kindergarten is the “new 1st grade”

So many kids get held back or get “shell-shocked” once they get to 1st grade because they were not cognitively mature enough to handle the work load, new school experiences, classmates, homework…etc…

I was worried about explaining my decision to others but I am working on that. This is a decision only I can make as their mother.



We dyed Easter eggs with the Officer’s son this weekend and had an amazing time. We have some pretty creative kiddos on our hands Smile 




Well I have some homework to print out for class tonight and hang out with my man until then <3



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